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Identity Patches: HAMAS AirCav

Identity Patches: HAMAS AirCav

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An embroidered patch featuring the words HAMAS Air Cavalry, along with a hang-glider, a Kalashnikov rifle, and two stars. I can make jokes about whatever. Some versions had been made with the word "Palestine" instead of HAMAS, since an associate business of mine had hang-ups about the design. I have since won out on that debate, and now versions will have the proper wording.

Israel is a settler-colonial state. Violence begets violence, so HAMAS and their extreme actions are the result of there being enough angry Palestinians in the Strip who feel like they have no other options. Yes, killing civilians, rape, and all of those other atrocities are horrible- whether they are committed by people fighting for their land, or by people occupying land that isn't theirs. While this hatred and anger, and to an extent, the extreme actions of HAMAS can easily be understood if you put yourself in their shoes for like three seconds, that doesn't mean they should get a pass to do whatever they want. The situation is complicated, sure. But the situation wouldn't be this way, Palestinians wouldn't feel so desperate, and Israel wouldn't be using HAMAS as justification for ethnic cleansing if the Zionist State of Israel was not put there by the Western powers.

No, I am not anti-Semitic. I'll bring harm to anyone who is. The Jewish people have suffered long, and deserve peace like everyone else. But what the State of Israel and the Zionist ideology is perpetuating in the Levant is not anything like peace. The Israeli government is committing the same atrocities on Palestinians (Jewish, Christian, and Muslim alike), that the Nazis committed against the marginalized of Europe 80 years ago. Yet, because this state is Jewish, the media and western governments make it seem like they are free from criticism, but the Palestinians are just absurd in their reactions.

I don't know the solution, one-state, two-state, or none. All I know is if there was an occupying force colonizing my ancestral home, I would be pretty god damn militant about it. If fourteen children of my people were killed every day for twenty years, you would be hard-pressed to find sympathy for the perpetrators or their kin within my soul. Bad things happen in war, because war is a bad thing. But war is just failed diplomacy. The world has failed Palestine, just as we have failed the Kurds, Aboriginals, the Polynesians, the Indigena, the First Nations, the Native Americans, and so many others scattered throughout the world, wrapped up in national borders they never wanted, their own identities either actively erased, or haphazardly forgotten.

Spice up your outfit by adding an eye-catching embroidered patch to your ensemble! Our stylish, durable, and heat-resistant patches are perfect for airsofters, mil-sim enthusiasts, paintballers, security, and police who are trying to add a bit of flare or humor to their kits, or are looking for a unique way to express their individualism on the field.

Not into airsoft, paintball, or LARPing? These creative patches can serve as aesthetic additions to bags, jackets, pants, or any other accessory you can think of! We aim to be entertaining and inclusive when it comes to our products. We mean no offense to anyone with our designs.

• 26% cotton, 74% polyester
• 3″ (7.6 cm) in diameter
• Attachment options: iron-on, sew-on, or safety pin. Hook-and-Loop attachments can be applied easily
• Blank product sourced from China, with original design by Red Pawn


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