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What's All This, Then?

This venture of mine is still pretty new, and my capital/connections are limited. I want to be able to offer everything under the sun to the little guy, the oppressed, the outcasts. But I'm not there yet. However, I can provide you with links to the things I support and the products I would like to offer to you guys directly, if I could. This is especially true when it comes to indigenous and local businesses trying to keep their culture alive. I want the masses of the world to be armed, dangerous, and comfortable in their own skin.

Some of these things are listed here because I think they are nice compliments to what I offer, or are in the direction of the things I want to offer in the future. Others are here because it would be criminal of me to try and offer them myself, either because I am taking away from a native business, or because I would have to charge more than the item is worth in order to offer it- and that's not what I do here.


Red Rebel Armour 

Red Rebel is a Canada-based company that was founded by Sean Rayland-Boubar when he needed an outlet following his escape from gang life and addiction. This company truly started from the bottom and excels at upholding its values and delivering high-quality Anishinaabe-inspired urban apparel and streetwear. It would be colonial of me to make designs inspired by native artists and then sell them myself, even if I donated to tribal causes. Instead, please feel free to check out this hand-picked items from their shop, or browse their entire catalog yourself.

Support, Speak Up, Acknowledge T-Shirt

Someone's Good Medicine Hoodie

Turtle Island Crewneck

Fatherhood Is Sacred T-Shirt

Life Giver Hoodie

Land Back T-Shirt

I Am Human T-Shirt



Hirbawi is a company/factory based out of the West Bank, Palestine. They make traditional shemaghs/kufiyyas/keffiyehs (your typical Middle Eastern scarves). Despite the constant struggles of the people in the occupied territories, these guys persevere to keep their tradition, culture, and their people alive. I see a lot of TikTok shops offering these shemaghs for the purpose of solidarity, but I cannot confirm where they come from. To this end, I went directly to the source in order to get you guys the most direct access to the items. There are more designs than this, but these are the ones that leaped out at me.

White And Black Fishnet Kufiya

White And Black Shami Kufiya

Pink And Red Amal Kufiya

Palestinian Flag Kufiya

Black And Grey Fishnet Kufiya

Red And Black Ramallah Kufiya

Red And White Fishnet Kufiya



DNDDICE.COM is home to all kinds of gaming dice for tabletop RPGs. Their designs are varied and unique as fuck. They come in loads of different sizes, colors, materials, and I am assuming flavors (don't chew the dice, guys). I am hoping to figure out a way to offer this stuff directly on my website, but for now, feel free to check them out yourselves. Below is a link to my hand-picked favorites from my browsing.

Mystery Dice Box

3D Gold Metal Dice Set

Arctic Chill Metal Dice Set

Black And Red Build-A-Set

Blood Splatter Dice Set

Dark Steel Caltrops Dice Set


TITAN Survival  (10% OFF via This Link)

Titan is your typical veteran-owned survival supply/tactical outfitter company, but their price-to-quality ratio seems to be one of the best around. Started by a husband and wife duo, their catalog continues to grow and their presence is a welcome one here on my page. While I'd like to get to the point they're at with the production of tactical/survival supplies, right now sending you to their products is the next best thing. They have more than what is listed here, but these are my picks.

TITAN 35L Tactical Backpack

TITAN 50L Tactical Backpack

TACAMO Rechargeable Solar Bank

TITAN Emergency Blanket 5pc



Atomic Defense (5% OFF Via This Link)

Atomic Defense is a ballistic armor/tactical gear supplier that offers a wide array of plate carriers, body armor, and the associated pouches, straps, bags, sacks, and other nicknacks that tend to go along with a combat kit. If you want any of this for airsoft, go right ahead. But this is quality gear, meant to keep you alive. You never know when you might need it, and these guys have some of the better deals that I have seen (without compromising quality).

Shellback Banshee 2.0 Plate Carrier

Shadow Plate Carrier

Shellback Tactical Skirmish Carrier

HRT Sporran Hanger Pouch

Phantom Plate Carrier

Concealable Ballistic Vest

HRT RAC Plate Carrier



DarwinFPV is a small business that manufactures FPV drones. Maybe you're interested for photography, or just getting into the hobby. But, perhaps you see the value of affordable, remote-controlled devices capable of performing reconnaissance and also being equipped with explosive munitions. I don't condone this activity, but you never know when armored vehicles might start rolling down your street.

DarwinFPV X9 9" Long Range FPV Drone

Darwin Baby Ape Pro V2 FPV Drone

DarwinFPV BabyApe FPV Drone