Collection: Identity Patches

Important Disclaimer: Due to the nature of transferring digital files into embroidery machine-friendly software, some of the designs have to undergo adjustments if problems are encountered. The text might be smaller or in a different font, colors could be different, or images may need to be rescaled. Whenever this occurs, I try to notify customers immediately and update the images on the website. However, I may be slower than those of you viewing and placing orders and you may see an image that is outdated- but the essence of the patch will not change. Any likenesses to popular media, characters, or logos is pure coincidence or for the sake of parody. None of these products are official merchandise.
None of these patches come with velcro backings to them. Some people want to sew, others iron, and others want the hook-and-loops. So, to keep things simple, I only do the iron-on/sew-on backings. If you would like to turn these into velcro-backed patches, I highly suggest you visit a local hobby store (not a big chain store or anything like Wal-Mart) and purchase some fabric glue and sheets of velcro. With these, you can turn every patch and any article of clothing into a velcro-compatible piece of real estate on your kit or outfit. Simply cut the velcro to fit the shape of the patch, apply fabric glue and weigh it down for at least 24 hours. Trim away any excess and then your new hook-and-loop patch is ready to be applied.