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Identity Patches: BoyKisser PMC

Identity Patches: BoyKisser PMC

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An embroidered patch featuring the BoyKisser meme as the Wagner PMC emblem. I don't support Russia in their war. But I have seen a lot of Ukrainian troops wearing swastikas. This isn't the movies though- bad guys can absolutely be fighting bad guys. All people deserve representation and freedom from oppression. I am on the side of the little guys caught up in a continuation of the Cold War. That being said- memes are funny.

Spice up your outfit by adding an eye-catching embroidered patch to your ensemble! Our stylish, durable, and heat-resistant patches are perfect for airsofters, mil-sim enthusiasts, paintballers, security, and police who are trying to add a bit of flare or humor to their kits, or are looking for a unique way to express their individualism on the field.

Not into airsoft, paintball, or LARPing? These creative patches can serve as aesthetic additions to bags, jackets, pants, or any other accessory you can think of! We aim to be entertaining and inclusive when it comes to our products. We mean no offense to anyone with our designs.

• 26% cotton, 74% polyester
• 3″ (7.6 cm) in diameter
• Attachment options: iron-on, sew-on, or safety pin. Hook-and-Loop attachments can be applied easily
• Blank product sourced from China, with original design by Red Pawn

Your purchase removes 1 lb of plastic waste from the environment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Piotr Ryszczuk
Literally perfect

I have never laid my eyes upon anything more pristine, well made, elegant and simply beatiful. This is peak of human craftsmanship. Millions years of evolution have lead us to THIS.

Mason Geering
Itsa Very good

High quality and good resolution

Fausto Villanueva

Can't complain about the patch. It's cute and shows my silliness!!!!

Vainius Andriulevicius

didnt recieve it

You did not receive your items because you filled out your address incorrectly and did not wish to contact your post office to have them deliver the items. Instead, you started a dispute with me through PayPal where I explained the situation and PayPal verified that the items were shipped. Now, two months after that dispute, you reached out again to claim you did not receive the items. As I told you then, your post office had your items. They were since returned automatically by your carrier, but it was outside of the Return Policy window outlined on my website. I am sorry that you were seemingly trying to get free products, but that is not the proper behavior for customer/client interactions. I presented you with many avenues for getting the items either to your doorstep, or sent back to me in a timely fashion. You chose not to cooperate. You're lucky the address was incorrect or I would send you glitter as a gift.

Lukas Allen
Great, but Too Expensive

It's hard to find decently funny patches around in your local Airsoft stores and stuff, but this site actually has some good shit. However, the price is way too much, for the patches anyway.

I'm glad you enjoy the patches but I'm sorry you feel that way about the prices. I sell these at minimal mark-up, taking into consideration the time it takes to design, test, and actually produce the patches. They are also high quality twill, heat and fade-resistant, and most of these you won't find elsewhere, especially in embroidered form. I also constantly offer discounts through my TikTok, and via widgets on the website. I don't think $10 for a funny, unique, embroidered, high-quality patch is all that much. If they were mass-produced in China and I was reselling them from Amazon, then, yeah. That would be a bit much. But art costs money, especially from local, small-time creators. Maybe if my volume ramps up down the road, I can stop working full-time, focus more on this, and possibly find ways to be more efficient, and I can lower the prices even more. Your support and business means a lot, but I'll have to say that I think the mass-production associated with modern industry has absolutely ruined people's realistic expectations when a person uses their spare time to make things for people.